How To Unlock iPhone 6

Here we go to the simple steps to unlock iPhone 6! Pretty simple!Hello Ethiopia

How To Unlock iPhone 6

This time communication life is simple as far as you have mobile phone and contact address, everyone can easily reach almost anywhere anytime.

If you are an iPhone mobile  user, there is times when your iPhone mobile may be locked for some reason, in this topic we will see how to unlock easily when you face with locked iPhone mobile
By now some of you might have bought the iPhone 6 How do you unlock if your iPhone is locked for any reason?
Here are the simple and easy steps to unlock iPhone 6. Just follow the steps so that you can unlock it easily.
Here we go to the steps
Step one: If you are about to buy the iPhone, there are two types of buying mode, full and half types. So it is highly recommended that you make sure you buy it by paying the full price. You can buy this from official apples site that is  Apple store, this time apple is not selling any unlocked mobile phones to customers.(Just keep in mind this).

Step two: Well by now you have got your iPhone 6 mobile, right? Great! it is time to activate your iPhone mobile. Now let’s see how do you activate your iphone mobile? Here are list for each SIM card carrier, the activation process may be different from one SIM card carrier to other telecom operator.

SIM card carriers: AT&T Activation (activation is done Manually):
Step one: first fully chard the mobile phone, then open the mobile phone and Put your SIM card in the iPhone 6.
Step two: Now it is time to activate by dialing the following codes. Enter the activation code given below. It should be either

  1. Dial    *123*(your ZIP code)*05# or
  2. Dial  *123*(your ZIP code)*06#.

Step 3: Press the dial button or.
Step 4: Turn off your iPhone and turn it back on after 10 minutes.
Note: You will receive a message with a new phone number. Since you are going to use your iPhone 6 on another carrier, you won’t need that.
SIM card carrier: T-Mobile Activation (for this carrier activation is done online not manually):
Step one:  There is an activation code on the activation card, so make sure you write it down.
Step one: or another method make sure your write down the SIM card serial number on your SIM card.

Step one: Make sure that you write down your mobile phone serial number on the box of the iPhone 6 mobile
Step 2: Now it is time to  the T-Mobile activation website , just write their website in new address bar and enter any of the above numbers in the textbox ready for that.
Sprint Activation (Manual):
Step 1: Make sure that you write down your SIM card serial number in printed form.
Step 2: Then Open your mobile phone and insert your SIM card in the iPhone 6.
Step 3: The Press “*2” to contact Sprint. Or Just Dial “*2”, Then One of the employees in the company will contact you and activate your SIM card to be used on the iPhone 6. Wow Conga ,Now your Mobile phone is ready for use.
Note: If your carrier is not listed in the above method then comment below so I can add your carrier to the list on how to activate your SIM to unlock the device.

STEP 3: Once your SIM has been activated, connect your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to computer and start iTunes.

STEP 4: Now press on the restore button and it will start restoring your iPhone. Make sure you create a backup before doing this, as it will erase all your data.

STEP 5: Once the restoring process has been completed, it will show a message saying your iPhone has been successfully unlocked. Now if you follow these simple but powerful mobile tips and tricks, you are now capable of unlock for any locked iPhone mobiles.
Is not it simple to unlock iPhone 6 for free?
If you have any doubt about this steps please forward your idea.