Google announce that Gmail will now flag email accounts that it deems ‘insecure’

Gmail did it again,Google announce that it release a method to to identify sketchy email. I think this is great method to have safe internet emails.
Gmail will now help you identify sketchy email, just in time for Safer Internet Day. Announced today, Google’s email service will help you notice email accounts that don’t meet its cyber security standards.

This is a great news for gmail users.The news follows an announcement from Google just yesterday that, for the second consecutive year, it’s rewarding folks who update their Google account security settings using two-step verification with 2GB more of free Google Drive storage.

Google us usual is trying to be the first choice of users in email as well.While Google boasts that TLS encryption, anti-phishing authentication and a host of other factors are in place to protect your Gmail account, it can’t do much to protect users from other services that aren’t up-to-snuff.
Please try to update yourself. Try to have safe email account to prevent yourself from unwanted spams.