Top 8 Best Cloud Storage Providers

Now days data is important for everything.Information is power, right? Well what will happen to your data or files when you are traveling from place to place? What if your office or home computer is affected or damaged for  some reason. Just relax and try to have backup of your data on cloud storage, that is called cloud computing.Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to backup your computer, mobile device or external hard drive or if you just want to store your files in the cloud. We have got you covered. Sharing, Syncronisation, File versioning: 7
If your computer or external hard drive has ever crashed on you unexpectedly, you know just how devastating it is. If you’ve been lucky so far, imagine losing all of your treasured vacation photos, work documents and vast music libraries on your computer or external hard drive. It really doesn’t take much for you to lose it all. Read the details of each of them and then you can use one of them. we ,ethiodeskonline use Dropbox  as it is easy for management and plus its  free version is  enough for our  computing business.