How to create Local Area Network(LAN)?

Now days there is a need in both in home and business place to have centralized data access.To connect users we should use computer networking principle.Here we will see the fundamental components used to design and implement local area network.There are 6 Required Components to create any LAN network.
A Local Area Networks connects computers together to exchange data. Apart from the computers, and other devices like printers and faxes, a LAN has to have six essential components to function
1.Network Adapter
2.Network Medium
Wired networks need cable.
3.Cable Connectors
In wired networks, the most common form of connector is the RJ45.This is used to connect the cable with computers or with switch,router  and patch panel.
4.Power Supply: This is a mandatory almost for everything
Both wired and wireless networks need a power supply.
5.Hub/Switch/Router: This is used to share and connect to multiple ports
In wired networks, one computer cannot connect to many others without some form of splitter.
6.Network Software: that is network driver, each computer require network driver to work the network function.

This time each computer brand has its own network driver that can be easily and freely downloadable from  website.
Software on a communicating computer packages data into segments and puts that data into a structure called a “packet.”
These are the required components to create a local area network. In our next post, we will discuss in detail how we design LAN? what tools should we use to design?

there are many kind of Network topology

A.Ring Network Topology

B. Bus network topology

C. Star  network topology

all these network topology have their own advantage when use them deepening on the environment,but the Star topology is emerging as the most common network layout in use today. Each workstation is connected point-to-point to a single central location that is commonly referred to as a wiring closet. and each end point is called Node.

So based on this information, you cab design and implement home local area network using this simple steps and required components.Ethiodesonline team is happy to  support you any technical issues on LAN.