Mobile apps to convert Ethiopian calendar into Gregorian calendar

Mobile apps to convert Ethiopian calendar into Gregorian calendar

How do you convert Ethiopian calendar into Gregorian calendar?

Ethiopia has its own unique calendar; as a result   most of the people don’t know the European calendar. The official calendar in Ethiopia is unique from the rest of the world, it is necessary to have tools to converts date easily from and to Ethiopian calendar. Today we will see how can change from Ethiopian calendar into Gregorian calendar and from Gregorian calendar to Ethiopia calendar using mobile applications.

There are different types of mobile apps that convert dates and generate calendars. In our today discussion, we will select one of the best mobile apps fro Ethiopian calendars.

Etcal:  the name Etcal refers to Ethiopian calendar is a mobile apps that is used to converts dates from and to Gregorian and Ethiopian calendar. This mobile application is freely available to install.

primary Requirements to install Etcal on Mobile phone:

  1. The mobile should be Smartphone mobile: its brand cloud be any (Samsung, iPhone, Techno.. and so on)
  2. It should have at least 20 MG free space for installing the mobile application on your mobile phone
  3. The software could be downloaded on your mobile phone or cloud be loaded using memory card


How to install Etcal:

  • Go to Google store and search by etcal or by typing Ethiopian date converter
  • From the lists you found, select etcal
  • Then click download to download to your mobile phone if you are accessing this from mobile
  • Once it is downloaded, a pop up message appears  with a message click next to install etcal  mobile apps
  • Then click Next
  • Make sure you tick the agreement and hit next
  • Now it must be installed (if it gives you errors like insufficient space, you have to delete some files or apps that you don’t want much) and try again.

What does etcal do? Here are the core functions:

  • Easily convert dates from and to Ethiopian
  • Generate year calendar for a specific year
  • The mobile app also helps us to know which calendar is holiday or not.

Example: convert Gregorian calendar to Ethiopian calendar

Enter a Gregorian calendar date as (mm/dd/yyyy)

Then click convert

There are two  date formats of Amharic, so the result will show you in two formats.

Note this mobile application has also desktop version, so in case you need it for your computer you can install it, by downloading the desktop version software. Keep in mind that the requirement for installing in computer is different from the requirement criteria to install in mobile phones. In our next post we will discuss more about desktop version software of etcal.

If you have any issues with etcal mobile application, our technical team will support you, just contact us in our Facebook page or email us using the contact form