Computer keyboard shortcuts

Computer keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut is useful to process our work even without a mouse. And while the mouse is in place there is still a need to use shortcut keys to process the computer activities.

Here let’s focus on browsers shortcut keys that we should have to know

  1. PressCtrl+ Click   is used to move tabs order….  Works on Google chrome
  2. PressShift+ Scroll is used to scroll horizontally… works on Google chrome
  3. F6or Ctrl + L … are used to access your address bar directly… Works for any browsers
  4. PressPrintor Ctrl + P:  is used to view articles with slideshows / multiple pages
  5. PressCtrl+ 0:— is used to restore to default windows size, after you maximize the windows.
  6. PressCtrl+ 0:  is used to highlight text in web pages

  1. Press K. — is used to pause a video when the video is in playing mode
  2. Press J: is used to skip 10 seconds back
  3. Press L: is used to skip 10 seconds forward
  4. How do you search videos from specific user only in YouTube? A specific user could have thousands of videos so keep in mind this key. To search videos from a specific user only: Type @before you search.
  5. If you want to watch highlight of a video and want to save your time watching videos: Press >and <to speed up and slow down the video respectively.
  6. if you need to view all keyboard shortcuts of YouTube , open the and : Press ?. This displays you all shortcuts in YouTube, as a result you can take a note from these keyboard shortcut keys.


Windows shortcut keys

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc: used to open task manager

Hold Ctrl key—this freezes task manager and useful for inspecting specific processes.

Press Ctrl + Shift + V: used to paste text without formatting and know that is differing from ctrl+v

Press Ctrl + V: used to paste text with an option to format the text.

Samsung mobile short code

*#9999# Software version
*#8888# hardware
*#9998*3323# it will reset your phone.


show date and alarm clock

It will reset your phone.


There are many useful shortcut keyboards that can make our computer activities easy to access. It is recommended that everyone should know key shortcut keyboards.