Ethiopian power dams starts to generate electricity

Some of Ethiopian dams were stopped to generate power due to lack of water.last year there were no enough water due to rain shortage. Dams whose power generation capacity had been reduced due to the El-Nino caused drought have started their regular power generation as they retained sufficient water during the rainy season.

According to Engineer Azeb Asnake, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), the drought which occurred last year affected the water volume of the dams.

This in turn created shortage in the supply of power for domestic consumption and neighboring countries.

But now they are generating power with their full capacity. Gibe-III hydropower plant is also supplying power to the national grid, she added.

According to her, the country is currently supplying power to the neighboring countries so as to compensate the income it missed last year as a result of the drought.

She said the country will begin the development of alternative energy sources as of next year so as to cope with similar challenges.
Ethiopia is planing to be a power house of africa.